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Russ Girgenti

Market Leader

Russ joined Kimmel & Associates in 2022 as an Associate in the Waste & Recycling Division.

Prior to joining Kimmel & Associates, Russ served for 8 years as a Senior Operations Manager for a family-owned plumbing company. Previously, he served as a Law Enforcement Officer and Surety Agent for a bonding agency. These experiences helped Russ develop strong analytical, communication, problem-solving, team building, management, and business development skills, all of which serve him well in his career in executive search.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies from the University of Massachusetts - Amherst.

Outside of the office, Russ’s priorities are his spiritual journey, his Creator, and his family. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and he loves to work outside in the garden and landscape.

Why do you work at Kimmel & Associates?

I have seen and experienced many difficult situations in my career, both inside and out of the law enforcement realm. It has taught me a great appreciation for the dignity and value of every human being. Everyone experiences loss, difficulty, humiliation, and defeat, but it is those who engage in life beyond their physical/circumstantial limitations who thrive and experience joy in success!

Why is this important? Perspective. Assisting individuals in employment searches provides a unique opportunity to help candidates understand where they are in their careers and to help them prioritize what is important to them as they navigate the employment process.

On the client side, there is great satisfaction in being able to present a qualified, ready, and able candidate who can fit into the corporate culture and do what is required from day one.

Neither job is easy; it requires listening, asking hard questions, and showing perseverance to do it well. And when done well, the satisfaction is shared by the client, candidate, and recruiter alike.

I consider it an honor to be able to assist in the recruitment process.

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