Want to Recruit the Right People? Build a Strong Employer Brand

Mar 14, 2024

If you’re putting together a “dream team” at work, you probably have a lot of qualities on your checklist for potential employees; for example, you might be looking for candidates who have talent, hunger, a team mentality, a strong work ethic, and relevant experience. You might even be evaluating your company culture to make sure new hires are a great fit.

But one important question might not be on your list: How does your company’s team define “dream”? And do the candidates you’re interviewing share that dream?

More than ever before, employees want to work for a company that shares their values. They want to have a shared vision to work toward, and they want to know that their work is valuable and meaningful.

Define Company Values & Goals

Attracting candidates who will be loyal and committed to your company begins with finding those who share your company’s values and believe in your long-term goals and visions. And in order to find people who share those value-driven goals and visions, you have to first have a very clear picture of how your company defines those things. For example, you might be passionate about sustainability, efficiency, affordable housing, cutting-edge technology, or innovation in products or processes. Think “big picture” and ask yourself what your company values most and what long-term goals and visions you’re building toward.

Build a Strong Employer Brand

Once you’ve figured out what values and goals are most important to your company –– and therefore, what values and goals you’ll be looking for in potential employees –– it’s time to publicize them. In today’s online landscape, candidates have endless opportunities to get to know your company: Google will show them reviews and news articles, your website will tell them how you present yourself, and your social media will let them see some of your company’s personality.

Every post on LinkedIn, every line on your website, every email you send, and every customer or employee review tells the story of your company, and candidates often check all of these sources before they decide whether or not to interview with a company or accept a role. Candidates who see values they share, projects they respect, and goals they believe in represented in your company brand will be drawn to you.

Make It Authentic

Your employer brand is important to highlight during the hiring process –– direct candidates to your website and social media channels so they can get to know you, and make sure you’re representing yourself well during that key process. However, today’s digital native candidates won’t be fooled by sales pitches without authenticity –– they want employers who don’t just talk the talk, but also walk the walk. In the world of instant information sharing, if there’s a misalignment between how your company brands itself and how your employees and leaders behave in reality, the truth will come out.

One way your company can show it means what it says is to ensure that your brand is lived out in all forms of communication, not just in social media posts and communications designed for marketing and recruitment. When you email a vendor, when you engage with peers at a conference, or when you talk about your job at a neighborhood barbeque, remember that you’re representing your company’s brand –– so represent it well.

Strong Recruits Lead to Strong Retention

The great news is, having a strong and authentic employer brand isn’t just a great way to recruit talented employees who share your company’s values and visions –– it can also lead to higher retention rates. Employees who feel engaged, challenged, and motivated by work they find meaningful and by a company that shares their values are more likely to stick around for the long term. They’re also more likely to share your company’s brand with those in their network and serve as ambassadors to bring more value-aligned talent on board.

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