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May 20, 2024 Kimmel & Associates

So You Made a Bad Career Move — Now What?

A bad career move can be frustrating and embarrassing, making short stints on a resume hard to explain. Our industry experts offer advice on how to move forward after a career misstep.

Apr 24, 2024 Justin Wilkins

Beyond Base Salary, Part 3: 5 Things to Consider When Evaluating a Career Opportunity

Whether you are comfortably employed but considering a specific new opportunity, or you’re actively seeking a change and considering many options, here are five things to consider when evaluating a career opportunity.

Apr 11, 2024 Bill Wolfe

3 Reasons to Talk to a Recruiter Even When You Love Your Job

Discover three reasons why a relationship with a recruiter can benefit employees throughout their careers, even for those happily employed and not looking to make a change.

Mar 6, 2024 Charlie Kimmel

A Letter to the Industry

In the fast-paced world of executive search, where talent meets opportunity, it's often quieter moments of reflection that reveal the true depth of achievements. Charlie Kimmel (CEO) shares some recent milestones and recognitions within our firm.

Feb 22, 2024 Kimmel & Associates

Recruitment Realities: The Truth Behind 3 Common Recruiter Myths

Discover the truth behind three common recruiter misconceptions and learn why building a long-term relationship with a trusted recruiter is key to success.

Feb 1, 2024 Kimmel & Associates

Prioritize Your Career Wellness: 10 Questions to Ask Yourself at the Start of the New Year

The start of a new year is a great time to prioritize your career wellness. Here are ten questions to guide your career path toward success and fulfillment in your professional journey.

Dec 19, 2023 Kimmel & Associates

3 Reasons to Build Your Career With a Recruiting Partner – Not a Vendor

A recruiting partner’s top priority is always going to be building long-term relationships. Explore the three reasons to build your career with a recruiting partner – not a vendor.

Dec 12, 2023 Kimmel & Associates

The Road to Professional Success, Part 3: How (& Why) to Create a Learning Culture

Leaders who create “learning cultures” can set their companies up for success. Explore how enhancing employees' learning abilities and developing crucial soft skills at all levels contribute to this achievement.

Nov 29, 2023 Kelby Shope

What Company Culture Is, What It's Not, & Why It Matters

What is company culture, really? Explore the true meaning of a company’s culture and learn how it shapes behavior, drives success, and gives a competitive edge.

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